Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Give Away Winner!

K, so sorry I'm not posting at twelve on the dot- the kidlet's bath ran me a bit late! So I numbered each of the commenters in order, wrote down 1-4 on pieces of paper(doesn't get any more techno than that!), tossed them around for a bit and then picked one and I got...#3! Congrats, Sarah Ahiers, you won the shadowbox! I hope you like it. I made it(the saying inside, not the box- I'm not that talented), so any discrepancies are my own and not some poor underpaid factory worker somewhere...

Please email me at leandrawallaceatgmaildotcom and let me know where you'd like for me to send it.

And thanks to everyone that commented and followed. You are ALL awesomesauce! ;)

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