Thursday, April 18, 2013

What You Said You'd Never Do...

At least in writing anyway! Mine is a love triangle. I just don't think I could write one convincingly enough. And then add in the fact that YA books are flooded w/love triangles, and I find myself cringing when I pick up a book and see the inevitable- Lucy loves Jack. Jack loves Lucy. But then when mysterious newcomer, Bob, arrives in town, Lucy finds herself irresistibly drawn to him.

That's why when I was writing my historical fantasy, I wanted to do something different. There's a girl and two guys, but the girl isn't in love w/guy #1, only guy #2- even though guy #1 is her fiancee...her parents sorta set up an arranged marriage. Hey, it happened a lot in the 1700's! =)

So is there anything you all promised yourself you'd never do? And I guess I should remember that promises can sometimes be broken. Maybe one day I'll find myself writing that Lucy-Jack-Bob triangle. But if I do I hope I can come up w/some better names! =)

And now it's time for the kidlet to have another bath(how does he get so dirty?), but before I go I'll leave you with this pic. The tulips bloomed today!


  1. Because I haven't read romances since I was in high school, I promised myself I'd keep my spec-fic romance free. But then I realized my fav spec-fic writers include romance and HEA endings, so in it went. Now I like it!
    I spent my school years in Bloomington. :-)

  2. Yup, I don't know if I'll ever write something that doesn't have some romance in there somewhere...and those HEA endings! I am NOT a fan of tragic endings. Nice to meet another IN girl, for however long it was! =)


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