Monday, June 30, 2014

Ready. Set. WRITE! (Week 4)

1. How I did on last week's goals: Win/fail. My goal was 2,500 words and made it to 2,100. But... I did write 600 words on something besides my WIP. A new MG idea that I am SO in LOVE with. So, yeah, win/fail!

2. My goals for this week: None! I know, right? But my husband and I are on vacation this week and the kidlet doesn't get both of us together very often so I plan on just relaxing and having fun. Of course, I hope for some words in there, but we'll see. Though I definitely plan on getting in more reading.

3. A fav line from my WIP: I should be able to tell my boyfriend everything, but then again, he’s not really my boyfriend, is he? Even if he is the boy I love.

4. The biggest challenge I faced this week: Trying to get my word count out within the space of five days.  Usually I have two extra days on the weekend to play catch up with, but not this weekend as we went to St. Louis for a short trip. {P.S. Goats will mob you if you're holding a bottle of milk-- just sayin'!} 

5. Something I love about my WIP: Incorporating the longing for freedom. I couldn't imagine being held captive and trying to express this in words has been challenging and rewarding. I'm hoping in revisions to make this aspect come through even stronger.

RSW! is a summer writing intensive hosted by Erin L. Funk, Jaime Morrow, Alison Miller, & Katy Upperman. Visit any of their blogs for a full list of RSW! participants. Happy summer & happy writing!   

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Chatting About Authors Anonymous

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Hey, y'all! Today Beth Ellyn Summer and I are chatting about Authors Anonymous. As writers, we might have gotten a little excited over this movie, and hope you enjoy listening in(reading in?) as we chat about it. 

**Warning: Some minor spoilers are below.**

Leandra: First!! A movie about a writing group! Aah! I have you to thank, Beth, for me first hearing about Authors Anonymous. I am super intrigued by real life writing groups(I might be trying one out next month) so getting to sit down and 'see' one in action was a treat. It was so funny, and I'm pretty sure I had this goofball smile on my face most of the time, especially as things came up that we writer's often deal with. Like Henry's writer's block, poor guy. I really liked his and Hannah's characters. They seemed more real to me, as the others(Colette, Alan, William, & John) felt a bit over the top-- but were so hilarious b/c of it!

Beth: Thanks so much for asking me to join you, Leandra! And I hear ya, I couldn't stop smiling throughout this whole movie. So relatable on so many levels! (Henry's wall of rejection!) Admittedly, independent films are a rarity for me, since I'm a rom-com, earned-a-billion-at-the-box-office type person. But that being said, I loved how authentically the writing process is portrayed in Authors Anonymous. And the all-for-one-one-for-all (gone horribly wrong) aspect had me in stitches! Then there's the fact that William was played by Jonathan Bennett (Lindsay Lohan's crush in Mean Girls!)--this made me so happy.

Leandra: Ah-ha! I knew I'd seen him in something, but couldn't think what. He's a cutie! ;) And, oh yeah, that downward spiral of jealousy once Hannah got an agent/book deal/movie deal-- especially on Colette's part, brrr! Speaking of Colette, one of my fav scenes in the whole movie is when she's reading from her manuscript and she uses-- what? Like five or six adverbs in a row? Lol! I loved that they showcased something that's a big 'no-no' in writing by taking it to the extreme.

Beth: Yup, Colette basically made every mistake in the book, pun intended. Her writing was...well...expressive, to say the least :) Another scene that had me cracking up is when Alan, the eye doctor/writer, finds out a real live agent is coming in for an eye exam. When he had him reading his wife's manuscript instead of an eye chart I about fell over laughing! Out of the whole gang of authors, whose novel would you want to read the most? I gotta go with Hannah's, Sleeping on the Moon. To get picked up that quickly there has to be something amazing about it!

Leandra: Yes! I wish we could have heard more of it besides just that tiny snippet of conversation she read out loud. That, and Henry's story, I'd have love to have heard his. But Hannah's would definitely be my top pick. Tho I will say one thing that bugged me about Hannah's character: That she couldn't name a single favorite author. The way they portrayed it was almost like she didn't read at all(did you get that feeling too?) And just b/c she didn't go to college and read all the classics(of which there is no shame in) doesn't mean she wouldn't be reading something! B/c I'm a firm believer that to be a writer, you have to be a reader. So there's just one small pet peeve of mine about the movie, I guess. And I thought I really didn't have any! Okay, so: John K. Butzin... =)

Beth: YES! I'm with you 100%. I liked how Hannah started off. She was adorably quirky. But then as she developed, her character kind of perpetuated some theories that success can come easy for people who don't read/work hard (then there's what happened with the super famous author!), so I definitely wish she'd stayed more likeable/sweet throughout. Oh, good old John K. Butzin! Always referring to himself in the third person. I thought having his character go the self-pubbing route was hysterical. Of course, we all know self-pubbing can be awesome! But when the house is called "U R The Publisher" that might be a giant red flag, lol! The movie also touched on superstitions a lot of us creative types have. Can't say I have any writerly quirks though, not the way Hannah did with the number 4!

Leandra: John K. Butzin was certainly something else! Though I have to say when it got to his book signing where NO ONE showed up, I was absolutely cringing for him. That's every author's worst nightmare! I thought Dennis Farina played that part so well-- how his face would light up when someone was walking up, how he'd nod and smile trying to catch their attention... and then they'd just keep on going by. It was so sad! Though in all honesty, a book signing in a hardware store is probably not a good idea. Unless your book is set in one, yanno? =) But there were so many hilarious moments in this movie and I super enjoyed watching something that was tailored to writers. We need more like it! So thanks so much for chatting w/me, Beth. This was fun!  

Beth: Yup. I've always said I'd love to watch a reality show about people querying/getting pubbed, but sadly I don't see it happening any time soon! So this movie was the perfect balance of entertainment, and the brutal realities of the writing world--all those highs and lows told through super fun characters and great moments! Thank you so much for asking me to join you, Leandra! I had a blast! :)

Beth writes girly teen fiction about makeup, boy bands, and media internships. Her main character is a lot better at achieving the perfect smoky eye than she is. Beth learned the art of revision when she interned for Conan O'Brien and Jimmy Fallon. That's where she saw with her own eyes that it can take up to a half hour and lots of revisions to perfect one monologue joke. She lives on Long Island and loves it, but wishes there were more vegetarian restaurants. Wheel of Fortune is her happy place.
Twitter: @BethEllynSummer

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Gone Visiting...

Guess what guys? Today you can find me over at Writability doing a guest post. How cool is that? Ava Jae runs a great blog, chock full of valuable writing tips and insights and I'm honored to be featured. Stop by and say 'hi!' if you'd like! Also this has got to be the shortest post I've ever written...
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Monday, June 23, 2014

Ready. Set. WRITE! (Week 3)

1. How I did on last week's goals: Goal was 5000 words and...I did it!!! Final count was 5,170. It was hard, but I triumphed. It. feels. so. good. 

2. My goals for this week: I'm only going for 2, 500. I have the early shift at work this week, as well as working three 11 hour days. I will probably be a zombie by the end of this week.

3. A fav line from my WIP: Freedom would never taste as sweet as it once had, if he isn't there to share it with me.

4. The biggest challenge I faced this week: Laziness & a bit of brain burnout. I very rarely write 5K a week & so when I'd go to pull up Word it felt like I'd just closed it a minute ago, & now I have to write more?! But I'd make myself do it & before I knew it I'd be writing along, getting stuff done. 

5. Something I love about my WIP: Definitely the romance in this one. It's coming much easier than my previous story. Though I cannot deny rumors that it is full of cheese.  

RSW! is a summer writing intensive. For full details(such as the link list and our wonderful hosts) please view this post here. I hope everyone is having a productive summer so far, in writing & fun!

Friday, June 20, 2014

If I Were In a Bookclub...

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I love the thought of belonging to a book club. Meeting once a month and talking books face to face, over perhaps a yummy dip, followed by a mini cupcake, just sounds delightful. But the reality is, it'd be so hard to find a spare moment between working full-time/taking care of the kidlet/housework/writing to attend a book club.

But that doesn't stop me from dreaming about the imaginary book club I'd like to attend...

Book club name: The Perpetual Page-Turners. Of course, in keeping w/democracy, all the members would be able to submit a name and we'd vote on it, but I think this is a pretty good one. And... I might have...kind have... okay, yes, I completely stole it from this terrific book reviewing site. But I'm an HONEST thief, so that makes it okay, right?

Location: This is the side entrance to my local library, where the meeting rooms are located. Perfect place, dontcha think?

Food: I'm thinking appetizers and desserts, nice & simple. Like this Spinach & Herb Dip:

I love Tastefully Simple's dip mixes. They're quick & delicious, a combo that can't be beat. I'd bring it w/some chips, or if I was feeling fancy, I'd buy King's Hawaiian Round Bread and serve it like it is to the left. Mmmm....

{This dip is so easy-- it just requires mayo & sour cream. I'm also telling you this b/c having a big blank spot was driving me nuts.}

As for dessert, it'd prolly be store-bought bakery cookies or cupcakes. Eventually! B/c for my first book
club meeting I'd totally bring this Philadelphia white chocolate cream cheese dip. 

If you haven't tried their line of dips yet{in white, milk, & dark chocolate, as well as carmel and cinnamon}then omg! Remedy that immediately. I can wipe out half a tub of the white choc in one sitting w/a bag of pretzels. The sweet and salty together...*mouth is watering* Yanno, for this being a book club post, I'm sure talking about food alot... So on to other things!

Outfit: I know, I'm such a giii-rrrl. But I don't buy many clothes on a regular day-to-day basis, so when something special comes up I like to try and buy a new top or scarf. Or shoes! Just wearing something I've never worn before always makes an occasion more special, somehow.

And you never know, all this book club planning could turn into something. Maybe a year from now I'll be sitting around talking books w/my very own book club. So what about you, dear readers? Do any of you belong to a book club? I'd love to hear about it if you do! 

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Monday, June 16, 2014

Ready. Set. WRITE! (Week 2)

Hello, Week 2! 

1. How I did on last week's goals: I rewrote my beginning and took it to the critique meet up, which was so much fun! I met some great ladies & got great feedback. My new word count goal for last week was 1500-- and I made it to 2100!

2. My goals for this week: Words, words, and more words! I'm thinking...5000. 

3. A fav line from my WIP(which anyone who's wrestled w/a fitted sheet should be able to appreciate): I can see Lo’s determined not to ask for help, which means their chances of sleeping on a bare mattress tonight are about 99.9% certain. 

4. The biggest challenge I faced this week: Just sitting down in between work/kidlet/housework/social media and getting writing done. Especially since I write at night and I'm tired and the temptation to just snuggle in a blanket and surf blogs/twitter is running high.

5. Something I love about my WIP: The architectural aspects of it, and trying to do it justice. I love buildings, so this has been fun.

And speaking of buildings, the library where we met up for the critique group was gorgeous! It was huge and nicely landscaped and I can imagine its patrons are quite proud of it.

Ready. Set. WRITE! is a summer writing intensive. If you're interested in joining the fun, check out this post  from last week for all the details! 

Monday, June 9, 2014

Ready. Set. WRITE! (Week 1)

I'm participating in Ready. Set. WRITE! a summer writing intensive hosted by Erin L. Funk, Jaime MorrowAlison Miller, & Katy Upperman(thanks, ladies!). I felt like RSW! would be perfect to hold me accountable and help shake me out of the middle doldrums that I've been stuck in lately(oh, for a breeze!).

My Goals For This Week:
~Rewrite the beginning of my WIP.
~Have it polished and ready to go for the critique meet and greet I'm attending this weekend.
~Get in at least 1500 new words from where I last left off in my WIP.

Goal For The Summer:
~Finish my WIP!

The idea is to post on Mondays and to keep our summaries brief so as not to take away from the all important writing time. Next Mon, I'll be posting the following:

1. How I did on last week’s goals
2. My goal(s) for this week
3. A favourite line from my story OR one word/phrase that sums up what I wrote/revised
4. The biggest challenge I faced this week
5. Something I love about my WIP

If RSW! sounds like something you'd be interested in, just add your name to the link list found on any of the hosts' blogs, and join in the fun!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Virtual Book Launch Winners!

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Guitar Charm Winners:
Barbara Watson
Rachel Schieffelbein
Erin Funk

Music Note Art Print:

Thanks so much to everyone who participated in Kimberly's big day! We really appreciate it! And to the winners, please send me your addresses to leandrawallaceatgmaildotcom. Thanks!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Virtual Book Launch: In Closing

It's my CP, Kimberly G. Giarratano's big debut day for GRUNGE GODS & GRAVEYARDS! We're having a virtual book launch party, with posts throughout the day on our blogs. We're so happy you stopped by!

Today was a lot of fun guys! I'm so glad we were able to celebrate Kimberly's incredible achievement of having her book published. Now, before I call it a night, I though that it'd be nice to tell you how Kimberly and I became CP's. 

I'm a member of the Query Tracker forum and a little over a year ago I saw a request from Kimberly, asking if anyone would be interested in reading the first 50 pages of her manuscript. I said yes and loved it from the start. Kimberly's writing is fantastic and immediately draws you in. And even now, one of the things that stood out to me the most was when she was describing the graveyard. I felt like I'd been teleported into one, instead of just sitting on my couch and reading about it on a computer screen. 

A few months went by and I just happened to see on Kimberly's signature line on QT that GG&G was going to be published by Red Adept Publishing. I was so excited that I emailed her about it. Long story short, she asked if we wanted to be CPs. I jumped at the chance-- having such an excellent writer read my stuff? Heck, yeah!

Since then, I've benefited greatly from Kimberly's insight. I can honestly say that my YA historical fantasy wouldn't be near as strong without her input. But most importantly, more than just a CP, I have a friend in Kimberly. We've talked everything from books and writing to kids and marriage. I'm looking forward to the continuation of our friendship, and to seeing just what this writer's life is going to bring our way. 

Love ya, girl, and last but not least, Happy Birthday, GRUNGE GODS & GRAVEYARDS! You're finally here!

Virtual Book Launch: Interview w/Kimberly G. Giarratano

It's my CP, Kimberly G. Giarratano's big debut day for GRUNGE GODS & GRAVEYARDS! We're having a virtual book launch party, with posts throughout the day on our blogs. We're so happy you stopped by!

1. If you could invent a concert of three of your favorite bands, who would you pick, and at what type of venue would it take place?

Easy. My top three bands are, and will always be, The Afghan Whigs, Radiohead and Tori Amos! As for venue, I'd say my backyard. I have two small kids and a baby on the way. Convenience is a factor in every decision I make. As an aside, The Afghan Whigs will be in New York City in October and I can't go because I'll be nursing a baby. Do I sound old? I feel old.

2. Writing can be hard sometimes. While writing GG&G, what part or aspect of the novel did you feel like you struggled with the most?

Honestly, I struggled with the whole damn thing. It was my first novel; my first major writing project ever and the learning curve was steep. Not to mention I started and stopped five different versions of the book before getting pregnant with my second child and plowing ahead on a terrible first draft. I was like, if I'm going to do this, I have to giterdone now. Then I spent six months revising the manuscript (I took Holly Lisle's revision class) and sending it to beta readers and then revising it again and again and again. I struggled so much because I really didn't outline the book first and I just had a loose idea of what I wanted to happen. After all those false starts and doubts, I decided to just write the damn thing, practically spewing words on the page. But without a plan, I floundered a lot with both plot and subplots. Currently, I'm working on two YA projects and both are outlined scene by scene and I have stronger character development. I'm not saying I won't ever struggle again with a novel (I can only wish), but maybe now I'll struggle a little less (okay, hopefully a lot less).

3. It's date night- where do you go?

Date night?! The last time my husband and I went out without the kids was last summer. We had a three-hour dinner and a bottle of wine. I'd do that again. But to be honest, I'd prefer a brunch date. Breakfast and lunch! It's my favorite meal of the day. And I'd want sangria. And Belgian waffles.

4. Growing up, what were some of your favorite ghost stories(books or word of mouth)?

One book I remember from my childhood is Christina's Ghost by Betty Ren Wright. Christina is haunted by a little boy who died 30 years ago in some mansion. *shudder* It creeped me out. Dead kids are too much for me.

As an adult, one of my most favorite touristy things to do is go on haunted ghost tours in new cities. I've done ghost tours in Rome and Key West. I get so inspired by the history of the cities and their haunted legends that I leave every vacation with a new novel idea. If you're in Key West, ask about Robert the Doll. I dare you not to be freaked out of your mind.

5. Electric guitar or drums?

Electric guitar. And if I get a write-in option, I'd pick acoustic guitar. One of my most favorite songs is Ryan Adams's acoustic-y cover of Oasis's "Wonderwall." If you haven't heard it, download it now. But then, Oasis's "Wonderwall" does have that awesome drum part too. Download them both if you haven't already. Times sure have changed when I suggest people download songs rather than buy the albums.

6. What is one of your fav passages from GG&G?

One of my most favorite scenes is when Danny is examining Lainey's music collection and he says to her, "I'm totally going to judge you by your taste in music." I overheard a classmate say this in college and it made me laugh. Because it's true! I do this all the time. I just judged a stranger yesterday in the Toys R Us parking lot because one of the many bumper stickers on the car was for a band I loathe.

* * *
Yeah, it'd be pretty hard to beat a private concert in your backyard, lol! And how cool that something you overhead in college turned out to be in your book years later. 

And don't forget, if you're interested in what a typical 90's outfit would be like for Kimberly's characters, then hop on over to her blog to take a peek!


Virtual Book Launch: Excerpts & a Giveaway!

It's my CP, Kimberly G. Giarratano's big debut day for GRUNGE GODS & GRAVEYARDS! We're having a virtual book launch party, with posts throughout the day on our blogs. We're so happy you stopped by!

Excerpt 1 
Set up: Wilder invites Lainey over to a sleepover only to find out Wilder's twin sister is throwing a party and she invited Danny.

Wilder stood up and wiped her greasy hands on her jeans. “I don’t feel like The Real World tonight. How about an X-Files marathon?”

“That sounds awesome.”

Before she could dig out our favorite tape and pop it in the VCR, someone knocked on the door. “Enter.”

Danny poked his head inside. “Are you girls holing up in here the whole night? You should come down.”

Wilder waved him off. “Hell, no. I don’t want to deal with a bunch of drunken douches in my house. No offense.”

“None taken. I don’t often become a drunken douche.” He smiled, and I felt a rush of warmth spread through my body. “Would you be willing to lend us some tunes? Craig’s threatening to play some horrendous country songs, and your sister has an inexhaustible amount of 80s dance music.”

Before Wilder could answer him, I jumped from the bed and opened my duffel bag. “Here.” I handed him a stack of CDs and cassettes.

“Whoa. Just so you know, I’m totally going to judge you by your taste in music.”

I flipped my hair over my shoulder, a move I had seen Wynter do countless times in gym class. “Well, in that case, you’re going to think very highly of me. I have awesome taste in music.”

He laughed as he juggled the music in his hands. “Tori Amos. Green Day. Radiohead.” He lowered his voice. “You pass.” He looked at me, and without meaning to, I bit my bottom lip. “There’s this band you should listen to called—”

“Danny!” Wynter’s shrill voice cut the air. I deflated.

Danny held up the music. “Thanks for this.” He walked backward and stumbled on Wilder’s boots next to the door. His cheeks reddened. “I brought my guitar. Nutley and I are going to play later. At least come down for that.”

I smiled at Wilder. “Sure. Absolutely.”

“Yeah, totally,” said Wilder.

“Great.” He left and closed the door.

Excerpt 2
Set up: Danny and his parents come to Lainey's house after her mother's funeral to sit shiva. Not the most upbeat excerpt but it doesn't involve any real plot spoilers.

Arthur’s voice boomed from the living room as he told a story about the time he caught my mom and dad making out in a pup tent on his property. Some laughter followed, although presumably not from my father. I expected Danny to join them—to get away from the grief-stricken girl no one knew how to talk to—but instead, he stood by my side and followed my gaze out the window. He didn’t look up, just pushed the aluminum tray around with his finger. He turned around and leaned on the counter. “So have you ever heard of The Afghan Whigs?”

“That was random.”

He shoved his hands in his pocket and skimmed the toe of his shoe along the grout on our kitchen floor. “Nah. It’s just something I’ve been meaning to ask you.”

“Oh.” I felt a bit flustered. Hours before, we’d put my mother in the cold ground, and now I was in my kitchen with Danny, staring at his lips. He was meaning to ask me something. “Who are The Afghan Whigs?”

He perked up. “Only the most amazing alternative band ever. I can lend you the CD.”

I shook my head. “I don’t have a CD player.”

“Okay, I’ll put it on cassette for you. Arthur got me a new stereo for my birthday. It has a tape deck and a CD tray. You have to hear them. Their sound is sort of dark with some rage thrown in.” He looked thoughtful. “Maybe now is not the best time to...”

“No,” I said. “Dark and raging sound perfect right about now.”

Excerpt 3
Set up: Lainey and her friends are hiding out in the girls' bathroom after an embarrassing mishap. 

Wilder leaned against the tiled wall and thumbed through an old issue of Spin Magazine from her backpack. “Ugh.” She turned the magazine around and showed us a glossy photo of Courtney Love. “Remember last year at the VMAs when she crashed Madonna’s interview with Kurt Loder? God, how badly did I want to crash Grey’s assembly speech?”

“You should’ve,” I said. “You could’ve stumbled on stage and rushed the mic.”

Wilder sighed wistfully. “I’d say there’s always next year, but...” She looked over at me, and a guilty look emerged on her face.

Su had taken out her guitar and strummed the chords to “Miss World.” Wilder grabbed my hands and twirled me around the dirty tile floor. Together, we belted out the lyrics. Dizzy, I sang louder and louder until Su put down her guitar.
* * *
Since the love of music is a huge theme in GG&G, I had to give away something with a music note on it. Like this(sans the frame, sorry!):
Image courtesy of A Page In Time
As always, just comment to be entered to win. And don't forget, every comment during the book launch on any of the posts gives you the chance to win a rearview mirror guitar charm! *does the best air guitar impression you've ever seen*
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Virtual Book Launch: Rest Haven Cemetery

It's my CP, Kimberly G. Giarratano's big debut day for GRUNGE GODS & GRAVEYARDS! We're having a virtual book launch party, with posts throughout the day on our blogs. We're so happy you stopped by!

I have a pretty rockin' local cemetery. I know, that's weird to say, but it's true. It's surrounded by a lovely brick and iron fence and has the most gorgeous roses lining the front entrance in summer. Back before the kidlet was born and I knew what exercise was, I used to go there to run. There are black topped paths all over the place, making it easy for people to easily visit their loved ones' resting places. They also have these really quaint signposts(yes, my cemetery has 'street' names) that I adore. Now that I've given you an intro, I'll stop rambling and show you some pics, yes? 

There's a story behind this pic. Apparently, this statue is never without flowers in her hands. They change periodically, and no one knows who does it. Perhaps a relative back from the early 1900's that was charged w/keeping Minnie's memory alive? Whoever it is, I'm glad Minnie hasn't been forgotten.

Now, the next few pics are from a graveyard about ten minutes from my house out in the country. I couldn't resist displaying some shots(taken late winter) from there too, as I've found that when I'm really upset about something, this is my go-to place. There's something calming to me about that old iron fence and the very old graves. 

I don't know if someone coaxed this vine to grow up and around the bird like a nest, or if it did it on its own--but I think it's lovely and haunting.

Bell in the church steeple.

And to see the Old Tennent Cemetery stop by Kimberly's blog!
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It's A Virtual Book Launch Party!

Amazon | B&N

Today GRUNGE GODS & GRAVEYARDS releases into the world! *toots horn & throws confetti* GG&G was written my by lovely CP, Kimberly G. Girattano and to celebrate we're doing a virtual book launch. We have four more posts each scheduled for today on our blogs, so we hope you'll join in the fun. Here's a list(EST time):

12: Our Local Graveyards- Complete w/pics, we'll show you what the graveyards/cemeteries close to us look like. As you might've guessed, graveyards are an important element in GG&G!

3: Music!- Kimberly will be talking about many of the 90's bands that are found in GG&G. I'll feature some of the musical excerpts from the book as well as give you the chance to win a little something...

6: Interview & Clothing- Stop by here for a Q&A w/Kimberly, and then head to her blog to see what some of her characters would wear on a typical day back in the 90's.

9: Closing- A few thoughts before we call it a day!

There's also a Rafflecopter(see below) that you can enter for the chance to win some great prizes! I'll also be giving away these little rearview mirror guitar charms for every post, mine and Kimberly's, equaling ten winners. All you have to do is comment!

{It wouldn't focus on the charm unless my hand was in there!}

So now it's time to CEL-UH-BRATE! Congrats, Kimberly and I hope today is fun and memorable for you as we welcome GRUNGE GODS & GRAVEYARDS into the wide world. It's HERE! and you are now a published AUTHOR! Woo-hoo!!! =) To hear how Kimberly's feeling on this big day, head over to her blog and find out!

We'll see you again at 12!

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