Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Virtual Book Launch: Interview w/Kimberly G. Giarratano

It's my CP, Kimberly G. Giarratano's big debut day for GRUNGE GODS & GRAVEYARDS! We're having a virtual book launch party, with posts throughout the day on our blogs. We're so happy you stopped by!

1. If you could invent a concert of three of your favorite bands, who would you pick, and at what type of venue would it take place?

Easy. My top three bands are, and will always be, The Afghan Whigs, Radiohead and Tori Amos! As for venue, I'd say my backyard. I have two small kids and a baby on the way. Convenience is a factor in every decision I make. As an aside, The Afghan Whigs will be in New York City in October and I can't go because I'll be nursing a baby. Do I sound old? I feel old.

2. Writing can be hard sometimes. While writing GG&G, what part or aspect of the novel did you feel like you struggled with the most?

Honestly, I struggled with the whole damn thing. It was my first novel; my first major writing project ever and the learning curve was steep. Not to mention I started and stopped five different versions of the book before getting pregnant with my second child and plowing ahead on a terrible first draft. I was like, if I'm going to do this, I have to giterdone now. Then I spent six months revising the manuscript (I took Holly Lisle's revision class) and sending it to beta readers and then revising it again and again and again. I struggled so much because I really didn't outline the book first and I just had a loose idea of what I wanted to happen. After all those false starts and doubts, I decided to just write the damn thing, practically spewing words on the page. But without a plan, I floundered a lot with both plot and subplots. Currently, I'm working on two YA projects and both are outlined scene by scene and I have stronger character development. I'm not saying I won't ever struggle again with a novel (I can only wish), but maybe now I'll struggle a little less (okay, hopefully a lot less).

3. It's date night- where do you go?

Date night?! The last time my husband and I went out without the kids was last summer. We had a three-hour dinner and a bottle of wine. I'd do that again. But to be honest, I'd prefer a brunch date. Breakfast and lunch! It's my favorite meal of the day. And I'd want sangria. And Belgian waffles.

4. Growing up, what were some of your favorite ghost stories(books or word of mouth)?

One book I remember from my childhood is Christina's Ghost by Betty Ren Wright. Christina is haunted by a little boy who died 30 years ago in some mansion. *shudder* It creeped me out. Dead kids are too much for me.

As an adult, one of my most favorite touristy things to do is go on haunted ghost tours in new cities. I've done ghost tours in Rome and Key West. I get so inspired by the history of the cities and their haunted legends that I leave every vacation with a new novel idea. If you're in Key West, ask about Robert the Doll. I dare you not to be freaked out of your mind.

5. Electric guitar or drums?

Electric guitar. And if I get a write-in option, I'd pick acoustic guitar. One of my most favorite songs is Ryan Adams's acoustic-y cover of Oasis's "Wonderwall." If you haven't heard it, download it now. But then, Oasis's "Wonderwall" does have that awesome drum part too. Download them both if you haven't already. Times sure have changed when I suggest people download songs rather than buy the albums.

6. What is one of your fav passages from GG&G?

One of my most favorite scenes is when Danny is examining Lainey's music collection and he says to her, "I'm totally going to judge you by your taste in music." I overheard a classmate say this in college and it made me laugh. Because it's true! I do this all the time. I just judged a stranger yesterday in the Toys R Us parking lot because one of the many bumper stickers on the car was for a band I loathe.

* * *
Yeah, it'd be pretty hard to beat a private concert in your backyard, lol! And how cool that something you overhead in college turned out to be in your book years later. 

And don't forget, if you're interested in what a typical 90's outfit would be like for Kimberly's characters, then hop on over to her blog to take a peek!



  1. Dead children really creep me out too. *shudder* I totally relate on the children part and not getting a date. Since both my husband and I work, we take off early one day a month to go on a date before we pick up the kids from day care.

    1. That's great you guys can do that, Loni! Time to yourself is really important. We've been managing one day a month too, to go out for some 'us' time. So nice!


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