Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Debuting: Michael Hanson and the Desolate Woods

It's always exciting when you see someone's about to publish a book. When I got notification that I had a new follower on Twitter, and I saw in their bio that they had a book coming out soon, I was curious. So I followed back, and checked out E.L.'s website to find out that 'coming soon' meant this month! 

Michael Hanson’s high school peers think he’s weird, at least in part because of the golden armband that’s been there since birth and grown as he grew. But he doesn’t let it bother him. He’s got two good friends, a loyal (if sometimes annoying) little sister, and two parents who love him. He’s figured out he’s adopted, but other than that, he doesn’t think there’s anything exceptional about him.

He’s wrong.

Just before his fifteenth birthday, the symbol on his armband begins to glow, and Michael starts waking up floating over his bed. Little by little, through the guidance of the winged beings Ethan and Izra, he learns who he is—a powerful immortal from the ancient bloodlines of Earth.

Together with his sister and friends Trenton and Anya, Michael explores a fantastic world of magic and unseen dangers, where a rogue immortal whose plans for gaining power and wreaking havoc threaten total destruction.

To fulfill his destiny and defeat Zaric, Michael will have to master his new powers and accept help from the unlikeliest of allies. If he fails, Michael’s immortality won’t outlast his adolescence.


I am a lover of all things good: reading, writing, traveling, food, movies, and chocolate!

And I absolutely believe that a good fantasy book should leave you feeling exhausted, like you took the journey yourself. 

I am a US Navy veteran pursing my dream of becoming an author. I have loved reading since before I could write my own name, and I started writing my own stories and poems early, completing an entire novel at eight years old.

I have been working on writing a series for a few years and was able to come up with this adventurous young adult fantasy series of the Michael Hanson journeys. I am very excited to bring you a new fantasy story that you will love and cherish!

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Also, thank you for your service to our country, E.L. It's much appreciated!


  1. What a spectacular cover! Congratulations to E.L.! :)

  2. Thank you SO MUCH for your service, E.L.! :) also, you had me at chocolate, ha. This sounds amazing, and the cover is aahhh--so gorgeous. congrats!

  3. The cover is stunning. Congratulations, EL!

  4. Love the cover. What an awesome profile pic- E.L. has personality! And she's a hero- what's not to love?

  5. So cool that you found E.L.through Twitter! And what a great cover! Congrats to E.L. on the release of her novel!

  6. Wow, great cover, great premise and great profile pic! I'm in!!

  7. This cover is fabulous! It made me curious about the story right away. What a cool way to learn about a new author. :) Thanks for sharing!

  8. Love the cover and the concept. Best of luck with the release.

  9. Congrats E.L.! That is one fantastic cover and I'm digging the premise!! :)


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