Friday, March 20, 2015

Excerpt from THE INFINITE + Giveaway

As part of THE INFINITE blog tour, I have an excerpt from the story for you all today!


The Fields of Ishta stretched out before us in rippling waves of yellow-green grass. I urged my scout a few steps forward. The grass rustled against my legs and prickled the backs of my hands.

I understood why Emryn thought the chimera nest might be here. I could feel the echo of something in the way the wind breathed through the dry grass, the way the blades whispered of memories held within the earth around their roots. It wasn’t anywhere near as powerful or oppressive as the Void, but it was still a physical presence.

“What is this place?” I asked.

“A battlefield from the Mahjo War,” Emryn said.

“As the story goes, no one survived the battle,” Cassia said. Her gaze swept across the Fields as if imagining the bodies strewn through the grass. “The warriors fought as though crazed, driven so mad by magic and bloodlust that they turned their swords on their own comrades, screaming the name of their god Ishta even as they lay dying.”

“Bet that made for a pleasant bedtime story,” Mason muttered from behind me.

* * *

THE INFINITE Book summary:

The walls of Ninurta keep its citizens safe.

Kai always believed the only danger to the city came from within. Now, with a rebel force threatening the fragile government, the walls have become more of a prison than ever.

To make matters worse, as Avan explores his new identity as an Infinite, Kai struggles to remind him what it means to be human. And she fears her brother, Reev, is involved with the rebels. With the two people she cares about most on opposite sides of a brewing war, Kai will do whatever it takes to bring peace. But she’s lost her power to manipulate the threads of time, and she learns that a civil war might be the beginning of something far worse that will crumble not only Ninurta’s walls but also the entire city.

In this thrilling sequel to Gates of Thread and Stone, Kai must decide how much of her humanity she’s willing to lose to protect the only family she’s ever known.

Author bio:

Lori is the author of young adult fantasy novels Gates of Thread and Stone and The Infinite. She has a borderline obsessive fascination with unicorns, is fond of talking in capslock, and loves to write about magic, manipulation, and family. She lives in Wisconsin with her husband, kids, and a friendly pitbull.

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  1. I read an interview with Lori on another blog, and her story is so fascinating...and familiar. Absolutely LOVE that stunning cover! :)

  2. Ooh! I love this excerpt! So fascinating and tantalizing! Can't wait to read the book! (Soon, soon! It's the top one in my TBR pile.)

  3. what a great excerpt! congrats to Lori!

  4. That is a gorgeous cover! And the excerpt is even better. Congrats!

  5. Wow! That'a very impressive cover. It must have taken the artist forever - and so worth it. Wishing Lori much success! :)

  6. The cover is awesome. Wow. Good luck with everything!

  7. This is a very nice post Leandra, Thank you for bringing the book to my attention. Having lived in Asia a long time, I take interest in Asian artists and writers.


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