Monday, December 14, 2015

The 3rd Annual First Line Christmas Contest Winners!!!

First, thanks so much to everyone who participated! I always look forward to this contest, and as always, you all did not disappoint. =) Now...let's get to the winners! 

Mackenzi Lee picked...Carrie Beckort's entry!

It was my first time riding the Polar Express, so I didn't know that I'd be denied hot chocolate just for hitting my brother over the head with a nutcracker.

Mackenzi said: I laughed out loud when I read her line. And hers feels like the start of something. It's not trying to be a whole narrative in a sentence--it makes a great set up, and entices the reader into wanting more. And I have been enticed. 

* * *
Victoria Scott picked...Patsy's entry!

After Mrs Lucas bought a red coat and rearranged the letters in her name, the behaviour of local children improved considerably.

Victoria said: After careful thought, I'm choosing Patsy's first line. It's creative, simple, and she managed to establish her voice in a single sentence. Impressive! 

Congrats, Carrie and Patsy! Please let me know if you'd like your copy of Let It Snow through B&N, Kindle, or some other ebook retailer.

* * *

Victoria also made a first line for us: I do my best killin' after sucking on a candy cane.

(Personally, I hope I don't meet this person at any point during the holiday season!) ;)

And so as not to be left out of the fun, here's mine: The ornament glowed softly in the light and I touched it gently, sending it spinning-- just like Step-mother would do to me if she caught me. 

* * *

Thanks once again to our marvelous judges, Mackenzi Lee and Victoria Scott. They both write fantastic books, which I hope you'll check out. 

And lastly, I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season with their friends and family. Merry Christmas!!!


  1. Oh, thank you so much, Leandra and Victoria! There were so many great entries that I'm really surprised to have won.

    I'd like my prize for reading on a Kindle please.

    1. You're welcome! And I just sent it, hope you like it!

  2. Darn! Just missed my chance to enter. I'm never any good, but it's great for practice. Congrats to the winners! :)

  3. Loved these! I'm so impressed by how much VOICE you can put in a sentence.

  4. All four of these first lines look like great openers to me!

  5. After a crappy week, this was a nice surprise for me today! I've been sick so I haven't been on line much this past week. Now my daughter is sick and so I'm still behind! Thanks for picking me, Mackenzi - I can't wait to read my new book. And thanks to Leandra for hosting!

  6. I so loved all the entries! The winners are amazing, though I don't know how the judges were able to pick!

  7. Congrats to the winners! Those are some great first lines! Thanks for hosting this awesome contest, Leandra!


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