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Author Stop: J.L. Delozier

1. As a doctor, being precise and accurate the first time around is important (at least I'm assuming, lol!). Does this make being a writer harder or easier for you, when it comes to things like first drafts?

Harder! The idea of a first draft is to put word to paper and to keep 'em flowing. I'm used to being methodical and meticulous, and neither of those traits are beneficial when it comes to spitting out a first draft. I have to force myself to just keep going as opposed to tweaking and editing what I've already written. No one is going to die if I missed a comma!

2. What is your main character's (Persephone) worst habit?
In a word, tequila. Lots of it. Seph's partial to Patrón.

3. Super random question! Will you eat breakfast foods for an evening meal?

You mean some people don't? :) Absolutely! I'm particularly partial to having cereal for dinner whenever my husband has to work nights.

4. If your publisher were an animal, what type of animal would they be?

Oooo - tough one. I'd have to say a black widow spider. Not because I write creepy, dark thrillers and not because my publishing company (WiDö) is predatory in any way. No, it's because, to this day, I mispronounce their name all the time!

5. What is a fav line(s) from TYPE AND CROSS?

"Tough to have a nightmare about fondant." Seph, a battle scarred criminal psychologist, considers a career change as a cake decorator

"He stuck out like a cabbage in a rose garden." Blunt speak from Special Agent Marin, our Homeland Security hero

"Blink hard and swallow." Makes more sense (creepier, too!) once you understand the criminal's bizarre genetic condition

"There's not enough tequila in the world." See question #2! Seph, when asked the divulge a private phone conversation.

* * *

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Dr. Jennifer Delozier submitted her first story, handwritten in pencil on lined school paper, to Isaac Asimov's magazine while still in junior high school. Several years later, she took a creative writing elective at Penn State University and was hooked. She received her BS and MD degrees in six years, which was followed by the blur of internship, residency and the launch of her medical career. But she never forgot her first love. When she sat down to write her debut thriller, she spent some time rediscovering her favorite physician writers. From the deductive reasoning of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to the cutting edge science of Michael Crichton, she remains inspired by facts that lie on the edge of reality: bizarre medical anomalies, new genetic discoveries and so on. These are the backbone of Type and Cross.

Dr. Delozier spent the early part of her career as a rural family doctor and then later as a government physician, caring for America’s veterans and deploying to disasters such as Hurricanes Katrina, Ike and Gustav. She continues to practice medicine and lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and four rescue cats.

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Dr. Persephone Smith has a gift of enhanced empathy, or the ability to get inside the heads of criminals too twisted for other psychologists to unravel. When a bioterrorist triggers a pandemic, the government hires Seph and a crack team of scientists to hunt him down.

Seph discovers that Dr. William Baine has a genetic secret, one which holds the key to both his coded journal and the cure’s formula. His special abilities are a perfect foil to her own. As their psychological link deepens, he taunts her in her pursuit, from the smoky tobacco shops of Bermuda to the underground tunnels of Geneva and France.

With the death toll rising, Seph must use her frightening connection to a monster to stop further spread of the pandemic. Type and Cross asks: What's
your type? Your life may depend on it.


  1. I love those lines! Now I'm imagining what a fondant nightmare would be like...

  2. Love the interview and the book concept! Ooh and it's in KU -- gonna borrow it.

  3. This looks like a fabulous read! And also, does anyone not eat cereal for dinner? Because I certainly do...probably more than is healthy :)

  4. So funny about mispronouncing WiDo and turning it into a spider! The book looks awesome! I'd kill to have the knowledge Jennifer (or one of my fave authors, Tess Gerritsen) has and be able to write great detailed crime procedurals. Wishing Jennifer much success and loads of sales for her new book! :)

  5. Type and Cross sounds like a great read! Congrats!

  6. Tequila isn't a bad habit...well, unless you're an alcoholic!

  7. Fun interview! I laughed at #3 since I'm sitting here eating a bowl of cereal at 6:30 pm. :)

  8. Some of my favorite writers are physician-writers!!! Congratulations on the publication of Type & Cross!!!

    Snickering over mispronounced words and cereal for supper.


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