Friday, May 6, 2016

A Guest Post by Jennifer Derrick (About Her Release Day!)

Broken Fate's Release Day: Drudgery, A Doctor's Visit, and Down Home Fun

I had it in my head that the day Broken Fate hit bookstore shelves would be just another day on the calendar. All the hard work had already been done: The book had been written and edited, the promotion machine was humming along, and we'd already celebrated the fact that Clean Teen Publishing was going to publish the book in the first place. There was nothing left except to read the reviews and find out what people other than my beta readers thought about the book. 

Well, it turns out that I was right in some ways and in others it wasn't a normal day at all. Here's how the whole day went down.

7:00 AM. The day began just like any other Monday. Get up, take the dog out, and say goodbye to hubby as he heads off for work. It wasn't until I turned on my computer and phone that I realized that this wasn't going to be a normal day. I was "blowing up" on the Internet. Granted, while mine was just a small boom compared to the big kaboom generated by naked selfies of Kim Kardashian, I was, nonetheless, blowing up. My Twitter and Facebook feeds were going crazy with new followers and well-wishers, and my email was filling up at a record pace. 

I soon discovered why. The blog tour organized by my publisher was in full swing and people were posting, tweeting, and re-tweeting all about my book. Not to mention there were just lots of friends sending their congratulations, as well. 

I began personally thanking as many people as possible. There were close to 150 people and blogs who had offered to help with my "book blitz" and while they were free to post throughout release week, many of them posted on release day. I wanted to be sure they all knew how much I appreciated their efforts. 

I enjoy thanking people, by the way. Part of it is just how I was raised, but I also sincerely appreciate it whenever anyone takes the time to post or comment on my work. It's a big world with a lot of stuff to post and talk about and the fact that they choose my work is always worth a thank you.

Anyway, I worked on that as long as I could before it was…

8:30 AM. Time to head to the doctor. Yeah, not a good idea to schedule a physical for release day, but it ended up just being one of those unavoidable things. Fortunately there was no bad news, although I did finally have to turn off my phone because the doctor commented on all the pinging and beeping that was emanating from my purse. I didn't think about turning it off beforehand because, hello, I never get that much action on my phone! Once I explained, the doctor offered her congrats, as well. She also apologized for having to stab me with a needle on release day. 

10:30 AM. Head home so I can finally eat. I was fasting for the doctor, so I was starved when I got home. As I turned the corner onto my street, though, I realized I'd been tricked! There were balloons on the mailbox and the garage door was open. Hubby had faked me out by acting like he was going to work, but then hiding up the street and rushing back to decorate the house. He put up a congratulations banner, got me flowers, and hung balloons inside, as well.

But that wasn't all. As I was about to start eating anything that I could get my hands on, he informed me that my parents were coming over and we were all going to lunch. My parents showed up shortly after and something was smuggled into the house for "later." Curiously, it came in a cooler, so I had no idea what it could be. 

12:30 PM. After lunch at one of my favorite restaurants, we returned home and I learned that the thing that had been smuggled into the house earlier was an ice cream cake with my book cover on it. Most awesome cake ever! I almost hated to eat it, it was so pretty. Almost…

1:30 PM. My parents headed home and I went back to thanking people, managing all my new followers, and reading all the messages of congratulations. It was overwhelming (and wonderful) just how much kept coming in.

2:00 - 6:00 PM. Sadly, even on a special day like release day, work and chores still have to get done. I spent a few hours working on some projects for clients and editing the sequel to Broken Fate. I also walked the dog and did some basic housework. Not thrilling, but necessary. 

6:00 - 8:00 PM. Hubby took me out to dinner and a quick trip to Target. Not that Target has anything to do with release day, but we needed a few things and since we were out, we stopped. Then we went for our nightly walk around the neighborhood and I had to answer questions from curious neighbors about the balloons on the mailbox. 

"Is it your birthday?" 

"No, it's my book's birthday."

This was news to them because most had no idea that I was a writer. Yeah, I should probably get out more.

After that, the day quickly wound down. I thanked some more people, culled my email and social media events down to a manageable number, read for a little while and then went to bed, more tired than I've been in a long while. 

It was a great day. In some ways, it was just another day with work, chores and doctor visits, but in others it was quite extraordinary. I have to say, I've been married for a long time and never has my husband surprised me more than he did with his fake out and celebration. My whole family really went out of their way to make the day special. 

I'm sure some authors have much bigger release days. They get to go on talk shows and do book signings. However, I loved my release day because it was so personal and I got to celebrate with the people who made it all possible to begin with: My parents and my husband. Ellen and Fallon can't beat that.

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  1. Thank you so much for having me on your blog! If any of your readers have any questions, I'll be happy to answer them.

  2. That sounds like quite a day! Thanks for sharing it with us, Jennifer and congratulations.

  3. Your hubby and family are so sweet! And it sounds like you have a pack of friends that are just as nice and supportive. Huge congrats on your release, and thanks for sharing it all with us! :)

  4. LOL, I pitched a piece to a writing magazine titled "The Truth About My Not-So-Glamorous Release Day" and the editor said she didn't think a story about something NOT being glamorous would be interesting. This is proof it can be! I celebrated my first book release by going to dinner with family. I see people have huge parties at bookstores and such but my relatives and friends are spread all over the country, so I ended up doing more by mail! I actually went back to my former workplace and signed about 20 books in the break room.

  5. Sounds like a great release day. I typically work right through mine. ;)

  6. Awesome. I love hearing about these great moments. Congrats. The cake does look good.


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