Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Book Launch Party Round-Up #1

Every so often I'm going to post pics* of book launch parties that I gather up from my ramblings of the web. Books + parties = my two favorite things! 

Sarah Ahiers' launch party was at Hamline University. Besides lots of ppl who came to help her celebrate, there were chocolate coins and a mask decorating table, both of which play a part in Assassin's Heart. As for food, aside from bread and cheese (two main staples featured in the book) there was also a big ol' sheet cake. The kind that makes me just want to mash my face in it and go to town. 

(Visit Addendum Books' blog post about the event to view lots more pics.)

* * *

Lindsay Eagar had a lovely, elegant book launch party for her book, Hour of the Bees. I am always down w/food pics. Plus, white lights!! And how adorable is this beehive drink dispenser? The awesome themey-ness of it makes me downright giddy. 

(To see more pics from Lindsay's book launch night, visit her Twitter--linked within her name above. Just click on photos and videos, and scroll to March 9th)

* * *

Janet B. Taylor had her book launch at Barnes & Noble. Into the Dim is set in Scotland (present and past...), and I'm LOVING the nod to that country and setting here. Heather, plaid, rough burlap-- not to mention, she had a freaking cauldron for drinks!! So medieval. ;)

(To see more of Janet's book launch party, visit her Facebook page here.)

* * *

I hope you all enjoyed this first segment of the BLP Round-Up! I'll be sure to keep an eye out for more to share soonish. 

*All pictures were taken from public social media sites, with links to the original postings. 


  1. Oh, how fun! Great photos/parties!

  2. I love seeing these. SO much fun!

  3. Very cool! I had a zombie prom for the launch of my first book, Touch of Death. And a zombie party for the launch of the last book in the series. Both were a lot of fun.

    1. I totally had to go find that! And I did! What a cool theme, I bet that party was amazingly awesome. =)

  4. Love it!! The themed book launch parties are so fun! Which reminds me... I still have a party to plan! Ah! Too much to do... :)

  5. Great photos. I've been to some great book launch parties. I've seen all sorts of props, games, and foods.


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