Thursday, August 11, 2016

Olympic Book Tag

I saw this book tag and thought I'd join in the fun, as we love the Olympics at our house!! Especially gymnastics. How do they do that stuff? I swear they must be super robots or something. Which is really just to say: Go you amazing humans, with all your hard work and dedication!! 

Fantastic voice, slap on the very first page. I love this entire series SO MUCH!!!


Uh...I've not read any road trip books. At least not where that's the main thing happening in the book. Which I know I need to remedy (next library trip!) as there are a ton of fantastic YA road trip books. 

Don't roll your eyes! I really feel like Twilight rocked the love triangle aspect. Normally in love triangles, I'm definitely rooting for one over the other. But in Twilight, I was so torn. When she was w/Edward I was like: "Yes, vamp love!" and when she was w/Jacob I was like: "Yes, wolf love!" I could genuinely feel her emotion for both.

This oh man. You actually follow along w/the main character as she spirals down into sleep deprivation caused by insomnia. It's a wild ride, I will give you that. But the more it kept on, I wanted someone--anyone!--to step into the pages of this book and get this girl some help! Treatment was needed ASAP. So I was left mildly frustrated by the end. 

The perfect summer book. Lots of bike riding and woods exploring and even a town-wide party that's being planned. Another of my favorite series that I LOVE SO MUCH!!!

Napoleon on a T-Rex. What do you think happened? =) Seriously cool book though. 

Argh. This book. I dare you to read this book and not cry. 

There was some amazing, intricate world building in this book. So definitely do not expect a thriller-like pace if you read it. But do read it if you like fantasy, music, twisty court politics, and finally, dragons. 

I gobbled this book up as a kid. But of course I would because: HORSES!!!

Talking animals that are also all about the fighting and the amazing feasts they throw. Did anyone else ever want to try Strawberry Cordial or October Ale? I know I did. (do)

Side rant: None of the Olympic coverage that we have recorded on our DVR features any of the Equestrian events that have happened thus far. But showjumping is coming up and by God!! They better feature that. Because who doesn't want to see 1000 lb animals floating like butterflies over giant jumps? 

Seriously epic friendship between two bada** girls. There's no other way to describe it. 

This YA book about a gymnast looking for Olympic gold was written by Shawn Johnson! Who happens to be an Olympic Gold Medalist. I definitely! Definitely want to read this.  


Huge thanks to It Starts At Midnight for the use of her adorable graphics!! Check out her Olympic Book Tag post here, as there are even more 'sports' that I didn't list. (I was feeling fatigued...too much couch time, not enough training ;)


  1. What a fun thing to do! Several books here I don't know and yes Fault in Our Stars made me sob big time!

  2. Love this! I'll admit I was a huge fan of the love triangle in the Twilight series too :) I personally wanted Bella to choose Jacob, but yet I knew that it wasn't the choice she should make.

  3. Wow… So many books on this list I haven't read yet! But I too sobbed at The Fault In Our Stars.

  4. Great post idea!

    That first book has an amazing cover. I love it.

  5. Napoleon on a T-Rex?! That's an image I won't soon forget. I don't think I've ever read a road-trip novel either. Loved you choices, especially those that sounded spooky! :)

  6. Oh this was fun, Leandra! And I agree about Twilight.
    Did you read the Black Stallion series.......

  7. I love King of the Wind. I'm really curious about the other stories listed here too. The Lockwood and Co. looks great so does Napoleon on a t-rex. Who'd have thunk? Thanks. I need to save these ideas.

  8. This is an AWESOME idea. So fun!!! I've only read one of those books, so now I have new ones to add to my pile.

  9. Despite not having read any of them, I loved your list and the reasons you picked them.

  10. What a cool thing to celebrate the Olympics! I'm sad I missed it when you first posted. I would have chosen Twilight for the Love Triangle too. She DID rock it!! :)

  11. What a wonderful post! Love this idea. If you like YA contemporary, I recommend Open Road Summer as a road-trip book. :-) I don't read much fantasy, but I loved The Fault in Our Stars.


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