Monday, September 12, 2016

Circuits & Slippers: Meet the Authors #2

Circuits & Slippers is an anthology that mixes fairy tales with science-fiction, and releases at the end of this month! In these weekly Meet the Author segments, the authors will share their story title and explain why they picked the fairy tale they chose to retell (w/a twist!) in C&S.

Elizabeth Hopkinson
Author of Fit For Purpose

I had been thinking of writing a story about the Twelve Dancing Princesses for a while before I saw the call-out for Circuits & Slippers. I've always liked it, the idea of going off to a secret underground world every night. But what I didn't realised until I started writing my version is that the plot is pretty much that of a detective story. Someone - whether a de-mobbed soldier or a soon-to-be-scrapped android - needs to solve the mystery of where these youngsters are going every night.

Bio: Elizabeth Hopkinson has had around 60 short stories published, as well as a historical fantasy novel, Silver Hands. She has won several prizes, including the James White Award and places in the Jane Austen, Historic House and - most recently Liars League/National Gallery Inspiration short story contests. She lives in Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK. Her website is: and her Twitter handle is @hidden_grove.


Photo editor: Ashi Fachler

Lea Anne Guettler
Author of Code Red

Some of my best writing comes from prompts, and the Circuits & Slippers fairy tale/sci-fi mashup concept really got my brain spinning. The character of Red and the rough plot grew together in my head and wouldn't let me sleep. The next day I was still on fire with the idea, and hashed it out over breakfast with my 12 year old daughter. "Code Red" poured out of me that day in a single writing session. I'm not done with Red; I've written 5 more stories of her adventures and have started piecing together a larger story arc for her.

Lea Anne Guettler is a freelance technical writer by trade but a creative writer at heart. Some of her short prose and poetry is available at Wicked Women in Words ( and in their anthology "Run Over Omnibus" (available on Amazon). She spends a lot of time on Facebook and blogs erratically at


  1. Where are they going every night? Now I want to know...

  2. Prompts help me write, too. I think it feels like a challenge!

  3. I think prompts are great things. They can really get your mind going. That's why I've sought out prompts when I felt my creativity waning.

  4. So fun learning about these authors and their inspiration!

  5. How fun! I've seen the anthology cover once, but I didn't realize it was so close to release. I love fairytale retellings.

  6. Can't wait to read all these great stories!

  7. Sounds like a fun plot!

  8. I really love retold fairy tales. :) Each of these sound great. I loved finding out why the authors wrote their story.


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