Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Circuits & Slippers: Meet the Authors #3

Circuits & Slippers is an anthology that mixes fairy tales with science-fiction, and releases at the end of this month! In these weekly Meet the Author segments, the authors will share their story title and explain why they picked the fairy tale they chose to retell (w/a twist!) in C&S.

Mandy Nachampassack-Maloney
Author of The Last

I chose Raunzel's story because she's one of the many characters (don't even get me started on Snow White) that makes absolutely 0 sense to me. A girl, alone in a tower, falls in love with the first man she sees, and leaves the tower only to be bound forever to him. Blech! I wanted to write a Rapunzel who could kick some...behind...all on her own, one whose journey into the tower was as interesting as the girl trapped within the walls. I know that's a tall order. I only hope I succeeded. 

Mandy Nachampassack-Maloney lives in the Midwest with her very patient husband (who has to sometimes remind her that her thoughts seem a little "scattered") and her babies. She's written two novels and is working on a related short story. Visit her at


L.G. Keltner
Author of Treating the Beast

I chose to write a story based on Beauty & the Beast because I've always related to Belle since seeing the Disney film as a child. She loves books and libraries as much as I do, and she doesn't fit in with those around her. I was the awkward, bookish kid who didn't fit in easily, so it was inspiring to see a heroine with those qualities. When I saw the call for fairy tales retold as science fiction, my brain immediately went back to Belle.

L.G. Keltner enjoys writing primarily science fiction, YA, and humor, though she’ll dabble in any genre when inspiration strikes. Her publications include the Self-Help 101 series and the short story “Felix Was Here” in the sci-fi anthology Parallels: Felix Was Here. L.G. lives in Iowa with her husband and children.


  1. Mandy, I like the idea of rewriting a story because the original character makes 0 sense to you. My husband has also pointed out that my thoughts are scattered. It's part of being a writer, I guess.

    1. L.G. I, too, thought Belle was awesome. I'm so excited to finally sit down and read your story!

  2. Sounds like a great combination--fairy tales & science fiction!

  3. What an awesome combination. Fun to learn more about LG and nice to meet Mandy. :)

  4. I love Mandy's reasoning! And Belle is my favorite. :)

  5. I've seriously wondered about most of the fairy tale princesses and why on earth they're so messed up :) Another great set of stories to look forward to!

  6. I agree that Rapunzel doesn't make much sense. That's one thing I love about retellings - they usually have to have so many more layers than the original.

  7. I love fairy tale retellings. Especially when the author turns everything on its ear!

  8. What an intriguing anthology! I'll have to add it to my to-read list.

  9. Ooh! Exciting times. I even know one of those peoples!


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