Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Circuits & Slippers: Meet the Authors #5

Circuits & Slippers is an anthology that mixes fairy tales with science-fiction, and releases at the end of this month! In these weekly Meet the Author segments, the authors will share their story title and explain why they picked the fairy tale they chose to retell (w/a twist!) in C&S.

Sara Daniele Rivera
Author of  Mi Sombra

In "The Shadow" by Hans Christian Andersen, a man looks out his window and sees a princess in the house next to his. He sends his shadow out to meet her. The shadow returns the next day, having reached all rooms of the house save the inner sanctum, and the man and the shadow travel together. Ultimately, the shadow dominates the man, and when they meet the princess again, the shadow has the man executed.

A brutal story, a luminous journey, a dark twin, a senseless death-- "The Shadow" has been on my mind. The princess in the original story is effectively a prize in a tower, so I gave my retelling an all-female cast. I also wanted to twist the finale and give the women of "Mi Sombra" an end other than romance or death, both of which are used to pigeonhole or punish female characters in the media.

Sara Daniele Rivera is a Cuban/Peruvian writer, artist, educator, and translator from Albuquerque, New Mexico. She was awarded a 2013 Robert Pinsky Global Fellowship in Poetry and her writing has appeared or is upcoming in the Loft Anthology, Origins Journal, DIALOGIST, Storyscape Journal, spoKe, and elsewhere. Her artistic practice focuses on community engagement and social justice. 


Shannon McDermott
Author of Voices

I chose to rewrite The Princess and the Pea because that story has, ever since I was a child, annoyed me. You’re complaining about a pea under your mattress? Really? There has got to be a better definition of a princess.

Shannon McDermott is the author of The Valley of Decision, a fantasy novel, as well as the Sons of Tryas series. She lives in the Midwest and enjoys coffee, novels, and history. To learn more about her and her work,


James Wood
Author of China White and the Seven

As a high school teacher I spend my days surrounded by teenagers who are addicted to social media and selfies. I wanted to write a story that addressed the dangers of objectification/self objectification when dealing with concepts of physical beauty and figured that Snow White was a good medium for this. Snow White always bothered me because she has almost no agency and her value is based on her aesthetic beauty as opposed to her ability. China White and the Seven takes the idea of the girl in the glass case to an extreme and hopefully highlights the problems with romanticizing a media prescribed aesthetic that is detrimental to both physical and mental health.

I am a high school English teacher living in Ontario, Canada. My passion has always been rugby but now that my body is old and falling apart writing is occupying more and more of my time.


  1. I've never even heard of The Shadow. Sounds sad and a little creepy.

  2. I love everyone's thoughts on society and how they've influenced their stories. So interesting!

  3. The Princess and the Pea has always annoyed me too. I mean, seriously, if you're that easily bothered, you clearly couldn't handle normal life at all.

  4. There are some deep thoughts going into those stories!

  5. Shannon's right! How could a pea bother anyone?

  6. Oooh, I do like some good twists and playing on existing tales. I'm looking forward to the release!

  7. I'm not familiar with The Shadow, but now I want to read it.

  8. Wow, these all sound like such fascinating takes on the fairy tale genre--really thoughtfully expressed concepts too.


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