Wednesday, January 25, 2017

PreOrder Fun!

Eeeep!! My fabulous cp, Beth Ellyn Summer, has a preorder offer for At First Blush that you won't want to miss! For a very reasonable ebook price, you can get one of the above e.l.f. makeup products, plus a cute, signed bookmark. (US only)

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Not sure what At First Blush is all about? Read on! 

Who would have thought that a teenager could have a successful career creating makeup tutorial videos on YouTube? For Lacey Robbins, this dream has been her reality. An up-and-coming YouTuber, she has thousands of fans and can't wait for the day when her subscriber count reaches the one million mark. And when she is offered a high school internship at On Trend Magazine, she figures that this could be the make it or break it moment.

But sometimes your dream job isn't all that it seems. Her editor is only interested in promoting junk products, and her boss in the Hair and Makeup department introduces her to the larger world of makeup artistry, making her wonder if making tutorials online is all she is meant to do. To top it all off, when the magazine's feature subject, musician Tyler Lance, turns his broodingly handsome smile her way, falling for him could mean losing her fans, forcing her to make a decision: her YouTube life or her real life?

Fans of Zoella's
Girl Online will fall right into the world of this YA The Devil Wears Prada and stay hooked from the first blush to the last glossy kiss.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

2017 Resolutions

It's that time of year again. Resolutions! Last year I made some different resolutions (like making a mantel...okaaay, that's not strange, lol!). This year is much more simple and focused.

2017 Resolutions:

1. Finish the book I started writing last year.
2. Revise & polish said book.
3. Query the book (even if the first query I send is on 12.31.17)
4. Exercise more.

Now let's see how I did w/2016's resolutions...

1. Write a book. I almost got to the end of that first draft, so close, but no cigar. 

2. Spruce up our back porch. That did happen. For like a month. Then we remodeled our bathroom, and the back porch became a catch-all for old vanities, wood, paint buckets, etc. My flowers withered & died and sawdust mixed with the weeds. But the new bathroom was worth it!

3. Begin querying this spring. I did, sent around 20 queries and got one full request and a partial.

4. Revise my New Orleans paranormal. Never even got close to starting that revision, and have no idea if I'll ever get to it, honestly.

5. Turn an old headboard into a fireplace mantel. It is still sitting in our shed. The hubs wanted me to get rid of it during big trash pick-up (and oh boy! did I get rid of so much that day? yes.), but I stubbornly held on. There's a bridal shower I want to help host this year, and I think it'll make a neat backdrop. So it's not a resolution, just on the 'to-do' list. Along with five-hundred bajillionty other things. Can I get an amen?