Wednesday, June 7, 2017

IWSG: I've Became That Blogger

The IWSG is a community where writers can share their fears and insecurities about the writing life. To learn more, check out their website here.

When I first started blogging four years ago, it used to annoy me when I'd find a new blog to visit, and discover it wasn't active. The last post was from months ago (or longer). What was the point of having a blog if you weren't going to be active on it? I'd smugly go on my way, secure in my postings of two or more a week.

And now...I'm that blogger. I only posted once last month, my ISWG post. But I've found I don't have much to say anymore. There's nothing more I can say about writing that I haven't said already. I'm keeping at it, writing new stories, revising them, querying, and starting the process over again for each new book. 

I still support authors when I can, but my author interviews are few and far between. I find I just don't have the time to go hunting for authors to visit the blog. My time seems less than when it did when I first started blogging. Now, if I'm going to sit up late on the computer, it's going to be for writing, and not formatting a post. 

So my smugness has come back around to bite me in the butt. I now get that blogging comes and goes, and that a neglected blog doesn't mean you're a social media failure. It just means you're busy living life and pursuing other interests-- which is never a bad thing.

Maybe I'll get back around to being a more active blogger. Maybe I won't. Either one is just fine.