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Author Stop: Helen Scheuerer

1. Besides your main character, what character in Heart of Mist is nearest and dearest to your heart?

Ohhhh I love this question. I actually have a major crush on one of the secondary characters, Fiore (or Fi, as his friends call him). He comes from a neighbouring continent in the realm and has a real cheeky side to him that I love. I can’t really tell you much more about him without giving away some spoilers, but he’s definitely one of my favourites!

2. What is your #1 tourist recommendation for people who visit your home city of Sydney, Australia?

If I’ve got friends visiting from abroad, I always like to take them to Circular Quay - where the Opera House is. There’s also a great little rooftop pub in The Rocks called The Glenmore, where you can have a beer in the sun and overlook the harbour.

3. You're the founder of Writer's Edit, an online resource for writers. How did that site evolve?

Writer’s Edit started as a result of me wanting to test the waters before starting a small press. The site started as a blog for writers and grew pretty quickly from there. Within a year, we’d published our first book (a creative writing anthology called Kindling), and also started offering editorial services to writers.

Since then, we’ve published not one but three volumes of Kindling and have recently launched a fantasy fiction imprint, Talem Press. We’ve been working super hard behind the scenes and later this year, we’ll be offering extensive writing courses for both fiction and freelance writers :)

4. Plot twist: Let's play a game! Reach into your purse (tote, briefcase, etc): What are the first 3 things you pull out?

Kindle. Notepad. Umbrella.

These days I really don’t go anywhere without those three things. I work at a hot desk in the city, and so I’m always trying to be productive on the commute. I also tend to do a lot of walking, and there’s nothing worse than being caught out in the rain!

5. You had a book launch party for Kindling, a Writer's Edit anthology. What was the best part about that event?

We’ve actually had three book launches now - one for each Kindling anthology. The best part is always the same for me - seeing all our authors come together and celebrate what they’ve accomplished with us. Our authors (and our editors) come from all over Australia (and the world!) and so it’s always amazing having most of them all in the one place and putting faces to names.

We’ve also had some killer book cupcakes at our launch parties!

6. What is a favorite line(s) in Heart of Mist?

Great question! Well there’s a scene early on where one of the secondary characters says to the protagonist, “we have to play to the strengths we’re given, least at first” - it’s a small moment, but I think it sets up a lot of things to come.


In a realm where toxic mist sweeps the lands and magic is forbidden, all Bleak wants is a cure for her power.

Still grieving the death of her guardian, still trying to suppress her magic and dangerously self-medicating with alcohol, Bleak is snatched from her home by the commander of the king’s army, and summoned to the capital.

But the king isn’t the only one interested in Bleak’s powers.

The leader of an infamous society of warriors, the Valia Kindred, lays claim to her as well, and Bleak finds herself in the middle of a much bigger battle than she anticipated…

Heart of Mist is the gripping first book in The Oremere Chronicles, a fantasy series of epic proportions.



Helen Scheuerer is a YA fantasy author from Sydney, Australia. Heart of Mist is the first book in her high fantasy trilogy, The Oremere Chronicles. It explores themes of identity, belonging, loyalty, addiction, loss, and responsibility. 

After writing literary fiction for a number of years, novels like Throne of Glass, Elantris, The Queen’s Poisoner and The Queen of the Tearling inspired Helen to
return to her childhood love of fantasy. 

Helen is also the Founding Editor of Writer’s Edit (, an online literary magazine and learning platform for emerging writers. In its first year, Writer’s Edit reached thousands of new authors, and soon became its own small press, with Helen overseeing the production and publication of three creative writing anthologies, Kindling Volume I, Volume II and Volume III. It’s now one of the largest writers’ platforms in the world. 

Helen’s love of writing and books led her to pursue a Bachelor of Creative Arts, majoring in Creative Writing at the University of Wollongong. While the Kindling books were being published, Helen
also completed a Masters of Publishing at the University of Sydney. Helen now works as a freelance writer and editor, while she works on the second book in The Oremere Chronicles.


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Facebook: @helenscheuererauthor
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Writer’s Edit


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Twitter: @writersedit
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Blurb: Most nights, when I close my eyes, my dreams are filled with memories from my past life, the one I lived before this. I remember who I was and the people in that life, and I don't want any part of this one. Everly Hope Davis isn't who I want to be, but she's who I am. In the beginning I fought against her and everything in her world, but it's impossible to hate something when you're living it every day, when the people involved make it a life worth living. I'm trying to make the best of it now, but deep down I know this life isn't mine.

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