I grew up in a small town, doing all the things great childhood memories are made of: Riding bikes, visiting the library, climbing trees, playing in the snow, etc. I now live in a slightly bigger town (though not by much) doing all the things that adulthood is made of: Working the day job, ferrying my kidlet around, & paying bills. Pets are a small black dog, a vocal cat, and a yellow cichlid.

I love bookstores, driving on beautiful days, and stories.

More things I love are: Chocolate, party planning, glass bottles, history, chips & dip, landscaped lawns, eating out, cream cheese, horses, silhouettes, lemon desserts (oh, who am I kidding? Every dessert!), all the sauces, and days off where the house is already clean (very rare).

"Without stories, we wouldn't be human beings at all." -The Golden Compass


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